Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Your Mama

My kids think I'm hilarious because I always say your mom's ____ after everything they say.  Usually.  Okay, if truth be told, I'm the only one who thinks I'm hilarious; my kids just think I'm annoying.  But if you can't annoy your kids, what's the point of motherhood, so here's how it works.

Kid:  Mom this dinner's hot.

Mom:  Your mom's hot.

Now you're beginning to see how this can be fun and annoying.

Kid:  Mom, does this look cute?

Mom:  Your mom's cute.

You can also annoy other people, like solicitors.

Solicitor:  Is your mom there? (This works if you happen to sound young.)

Mom:  No, she's dead.  (Okay, techinically this isn't a "your mom" response; but it's still fun and annoying and only works if your mom is dead or if you're a liar.)

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