Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Survived Christmas 2011

My "friend" Brittany said a few weeks ago that Christmas was kicking her butt.  My butt has been thoroughly kicked by Christmas and life in general.  But it's been a good butt kicking and I am missing my blogging friends.  Yes, even though I've only ever met 3 or 4 of you, I feel you are my friends.  I share laughter, tears and smiles with you.  It's like having imaginary friends or a mid-life crisis.  You are great because one of you is always there when I need a good laugh and nobody gets all miffed when I ignore y'all while I'm drinking life from a firehouse.  You are cheaper than therapy and I don't need to send you a Christmas card.  So thanks for making me smile and cheering me up so many times.

If I felt like getting off this bed and getting my camera, I would post pictures of all the amazing crafty things I, yes I did this past month.  You would be impressed.  All of Martha Stewart's recent projects must have tanked because I have been totally chanelling her. Except for the prison part.  But prison doesn't sound half bad--3 square meals that I don't have to cook and time to read or write or do whatever I want. . .

But instead of posting crafty pictures, I will tell you the funny things my kids said this past week.

What I'm Trying to Say. . .

Morganne at a party:  Um, um, the ship is in your sea.
Friend:   Do you mean: The ball is in your court?
Morganne:  Yeah, that's what I was trying to say.

The Secret to Success

Luke:  Mom I have armpit hair.
Me:  No you don't.
Luke:  Yes I do; look in the light.
Me:  Gross!  You do have armpit hair.

Later that night
Me:  Luke, I'm sad that you have armpit hair.  It means you're growing up.  You don't want armpit hair do you?
Luke:  Mom, every boy wants armpit hair.  It's kind a sign that he's a real success.

At the Dinner Table

Luke to his brother Quin:  You must be butter because you are on a roll!
Quin:  Luke, that was actually funny.

Luke in Primary (Sunday School) during a sharing time about choices and consequences:

Sister Stout:  When Brother McDonald was a boy, he practiced the piano a whole lot.  What is the consequence of that action?

Luke quickly raises his hand.

Sister Stout:  Luke--

Luke:  He missed out on a lot of other things.


  1. Hilarious post! Yes, Christmas can kick your but, but I guess if you enjoy the ride it's okay. Things are much calmer for me this time of year with my kids grown and 6 of my 8 grandkids living far away. As for the crafts, I used to love to do them and would never buy things already made. All that stopped when I started writing. Oh, well. I like what I'm doing now, so it's all good.


    Happy New Year!

  2. LOL! Loving the dialogue! Hilarious. I wish we would have had such a great response to our choices/consequences lesson in primary. Funny! And... is it weird that I was thinking about armpit hair this morning? Seriously! I dread when my son gets to that point! lol

  3. Your kids are hilarious! They must've inherited that from their mom. Need any help with the wedding?

  4. Those are some funny kids! Glad you're back--I've missed your posts. Also, really liked your first page a couple of Fridays ago!

  5. That Luke is such a success and will likely become more successful in the future. All I could think about while practicing the piano as a wee lad was everything I was missing out on. That's probably why I only know a couple of songs all the way through after 6 years of lessons. What an investment.

  6. Hahahaha! Those were awesome! I especially loved that last one. :)

  7. Your kids are a hoot! Thanks for the smile.