Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Survived Christmas 2011

My "friend" Brittany said a few weeks ago that Christmas was kicking her butt.  My butt has been thoroughly kicked by Christmas and life in general.  But it's been a good butt kicking and I am missing my blogging friends.  Yes, even though I've only ever met 3 or 4 of you, I feel you are my friends.  I share laughter, tears and smiles with you.  It's like having imaginary friends or a mid-life crisis.  You are great because one of you is always there when I need a good laugh and nobody gets all miffed when I ignore y'all while I'm drinking life from a firehouse.  You are cheaper than therapy and I don't need to send you a Christmas card.  So thanks for making me smile and cheering me up so many times.

If I felt like getting off this bed and getting my camera, I would post pictures of all the amazing crafty things I, yes I did this past month.  You would be impressed.  All of Martha Stewart's recent projects must have tanked because I have been totally chanelling her. Except for the prison part.  But prison doesn't sound half bad--3 square meals that I don't have to cook and time to read or write or do whatever I want. . .

But instead of posting crafty pictures, I will tell you the funny things my kids said this past week.

What I'm Trying to Say. . .

Morganne at a party:  Um, um, the ship is in your sea.
Friend:   Do you mean: The ball is in your court?
Morganne:  Yeah, that's what I was trying to say.

The Secret to Success

Luke:  Mom I have armpit hair.
Me:  No you don't.
Luke:  Yes I do; look in the light.
Me:  Gross!  You do have armpit hair.

Later that night
Me:  Luke, I'm sad that you have armpit hair.  It means you're growing up.  You don't want armpit hair do you?
Luke:  Mom, every boy wants armpit hair.  It's kind a sign that he's a real success.

At the Dinner Table

Luke to his brother Quin:  You must be butter because you are on a roll!
Quin:  Luke, that was actually funny.

Luke in Primary (Sunday School) during a sharing time about choices and consequences:

Sister Stout:  When Brother McDonald was a boy, he practiced the piano a whole lot.  What is the consequence of that action?

Luke quickly raises his hand.

Sister Stout:  Luke--

Luke:  He missed out on a lot of other things.