Monday, September 6, 2010

Grandmas Only

Dear Morganne:

Thank you for exclaiming loudly in Relief Society yesterday, "You're a Grandma!" when they announced the For Grandmas Only class.  You explained later that you were thinking, 'How pathetic.  A class for old ladies,' when you realized that that included me.  I think I am flattered that you didn't automatically put me into the old lady category.

However, I hope you will not think less of me if I do go to the For Old Ladies Only, I mean, For Grandmas Only class.


your OLD mother

Random Thoughts About Ikea

I really want to go to Ikea today, but nobody will go with me.  I am too scared to go alone.  Last time I went, it took me 30 minutes to find my way out and I never did find what I was looking for even though I thought I knew exactly where it was.  But I did get some great coasters for $1.99.  AND you will love this great idea I got from my smarter-than-me sister-in-law.  I put a family member's name on each coaster so  they can put their cup on it for the day and I now only have 5 or 6 cups on coasters on my counter instead of 30.  Voila.

Dear Ikea:

You overwhelm me.  You are like a hypnotic drug.  I wander around with my basket, never putting anything inside because I might find something better.  When I know I passed "better" I can't find it again.

Just thought you should know why I'm always wandering around with that glazed look, never buying anything.