Wednesday, May 23, 2012

These Things I Know Are True

These things I know are true:

That doing something everyday for 3 plus weeks does not a habit make.  Not even close.

That if you feel like you don't have enough time, spend the day with a couple of toddlers.  Recently I spent a week with my cute 3 and 2 year old grand kids.  One day we got up, got dressed, had breakfast, (I have to mention these things because although they sound ordinary, when you do them with toddlers it is quite a production), went to a movie 30 minutes away, went to Costco, ran an errand and got home at 11:45.  A.M.  I remember thinking, what in the heck are we going to do the rest of the day????  I now remember this same phenomenon with my own toddlers--so much time, so little freedom.

If you want a belly-shirt, buy something made of rayon and wash it.  Urgh.

Terriaki chicken and peach baby food taste pretty good together.  Maybe that's only if you're really hungry because you've been so busy watching kids that it's the only thing you've eaten all day.

You should never suppress a generous thought.

Just because you ride a bike doesn't mean you should wear biker shorts.

If you paint your counter tops to look like granite, your old stove and sink are gonna look, well, crappy.

High heels are a torture device invented by men to make women's butts wiggle when they walk.

Dogs and small children are very forgiving.

Oh, and I don't know how to spell terryaki, teriyaki, teriaki, and neither does blogger spell check.


  1. As usual, your post made me laugh -- especially the thought about biker shorts! Can we add to that that just because you swim, it doesn't mean you should wear a bikini? Yikes!

  2. So Jill, was the biker shorts comment directed at me? I am totally feeling self conscious sitting here in my spandex

  3. lol! I have two little ones, so I appreciated the toddler part. They keep me moving!