Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Living in the Moment and Other Stuff

Yikes.  Opening this is like opening that box of forgotten take-out that's been in the fridge for 10 months only I forgot how to open my blog and I don't ever forget how to open my fridge.

You're probably wondering why I haven't been blogging.  Actually, you're probably not wondering because you're probably not even reading this.  But in case you are reading this and wondering why I haven't been blogging, you should know that I've been wondering the same thing myself.

Maybe it's because:

I've been trying to decide what to make for dinner.  Dinner happens every night and it usually throws me for a loop or some Fruit Loops.  It's a real stresser.

Cool Beans went away to college which left this empty spot in my house and in my heart and apparently in my blog too.  You should also know that Cool Beans did not get to play basketball in college because she tore her ACL one week before her first game.  You should also know that when this happened her new friend Luke waited on her hand and foot, literally-- by painting her toe nails when she couldn't reach them--which is oh-so-sweet and seductive,  and now she is engaged to be married to him in June.

I have an "RJ" (real job) now.  I am teaching part-time at a private school and getting money so I can afford to pay for weddings and medical bills and chocolate-covered cinnamon bears.

I have been too busy to blog because I've been writing (in my head of course) a better season 3 finale for Downton Abbey which shouldn't be too difficult to do.  Spoiler Alert***(Instead of Downton Abbey why didn't they name it, Let's Kill all the Nice People--like Mathew's fiance (what's her name?) and Sybil and Mathew. . . really? To "top" season 3, they'll have to kill Bates and Anna in season 4.  Just sayin. . .)

I'm living with a State Champion which is kind of a big deal. After getting to the championship game 2 times before with kid two and four and coming away chanting, "We're number 2! We're number 2!," we can finally say with kid 6 "We're number 1!"  And yes, after paying $$ for fees and uniforms and driving to and from practices and games, and washing stinky uniforms, and fixing 3 bum, basketball knees, (or at least paying for it and taking care of the injured), I do feel like part of the "we" that is number one even though I did not step onto the court.

I have also been busy preparing to be the grandmother of two more grandchildren, which mostly involves modifying my diet and exercise so that I can soften more and be one of those huggy, squishy grandmas and not a bony, sharp one.  I am also working on my car seat skills, although Lila doesn't seem to mind my lack thereof.

My other excuse for not blogging is that I have a new bf named my father-in-law.  He came for a visit several months ago and stayed and he kind of "rocked" my world.  He has Alzheimer's and I have part-timers.  We make a good match.  Before he got Alzheimer's he worked as a chemical engineer, was a world traveler, and pretty much one of the smartest, nicest, wisest men I have ever known.  Now that he has Alzheimer's he is not the smartest, but he is still one of the nicest and wisest men that I know.

As you know, I like to blog about things that are funny and my new bf gave me plenty of material I could have blogged about because wearing two pairs of pants or no pants and putting your hearing aids in the freezer and wearing my glasses and putting spaghetti sauce on your salad and walking into other people's houses is funny stuff, yet at the same time it's terrifying and how do you blog about that? And if today he's putting spaghetti sauce on his salad, what's going to happen in a few months or years when he can't eat salad because he forgets how to chew and swallow?

But God and my new bf and a psychologist I heard early in the morning on the radio whose name I don't remember (part-timers), taught me a great lesson: Joy is experienced in the present, not the past or the future.  So, that is where I need to live, in the present.  As long as I am living there and not vacationing to the past (thinking about all that's lost) or the future (thinking about what's to come), I experience joy.  Each day, each moment is sweet, tender and yes funny.  And God gives me just enough strength, enough peace, enough love to experience the joy.