Friday, July 15, 2011

Girl's Camp

I have been getting ready for Girl's Camp.  Mostly I have been doing this by not showering, wearing my hair in a pony-tail, burning dinner and making s'mores every day over the stove.

What do I remember from my girl's camp days?  I remember the year the theme was fairy tales and our ward chose The Three Little Pigs.  I remember the young women leader who brought up real pigsnouts, because her husband was a butcher, and frosted them with pink frosting--they looked like those yummilicious, pink sugar cookies you get at the gas station or the store that you might as well glue to your butt because that's where they're going to end up if you put them in your mouth--then she gave them to us as we returned from our 5 mile hike.  I remember dressing up like a tree and thinking I was pretty funny and catching pollywogs in my messkit--no I did not eat them. I also remember standing on top of Sunset Peak during stormy weather and thinking it was so cool that everyone's hair was standing straight up.  Yes, those were days never to be forgotten.

Unfortunately, I will not be taking pigsnouts, pigtails, or pigfeet to camp because my husband works with papers and numbers which are not fun to frost.  So during my no showering, s'more engoring week, I made these cute little cards that can be used for starting fires or smashing bugs.

If you know any young women who would enjoy some cute flyswatters, please feel free to copy.


  1. Love the cards. I never attended camp as a girl. I didn't join the church until the end of 8th grade and was afraid to ask my dad for the money to go once I found out about it. I have been twice as an adult--as camp director. What a lot of work.

  2. I've found it to be a lot more work as an adult but so much more fun.

    And, I am sad thinking about the 14 year-old you who never went to camp. . .

  3. I had forgotten about the word pollywog. I now must find a way to incorporate it into my day.

    "Something something something POLLYWOG!"

  4. The cards are great!

    I just discovered your blog and love it! You are so dang funny. You make me laugh and goodness only knows I need that today!

  5. You will really need it if you are the Queen Bee at RHS next year.

  6. Awesome handouts. Makes me wish I were still in YW so I could copy & take credit for them. Have fun!

  7. I miss those days of girl's camp. I suppose one of these days I'll go again as a leader, but it won't be the same. We grow up too fast. Eh?