Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Week I:

This week I:

Watched too much Monk;

Felt my granddaughter, who should arrive sometime in the next 6 weeks, hiccup inside her mama;

Unsuccessfully tried to scare granddaughter inside her mama to get rid of hiccups;

Wished my grandchildren (and their parents) who live in Arizona, didn't live in Arizona, but here;

Started working out, again;

Found out something nice about somebody that "bugs" me and swallowed a bitter mouthful of pride;

Read a great talk on pride by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf;

Amused myself by yelling, "Kill the Christians!" (not too loudly) at the Big Mountain Jam (basketball tournament) when my daughter played against Valley Christian High;

Was disturbed along with my friend *Tenille when she received an invitation to a lingerie shower for her soon-to-be step-mother;

Laughed with my friend *Tenille when we analyzed the lingerie shower;

Wondered if the shower was funny just because thinking about your parents in lingerie is always funny or if once you hit a certain age, it really is funny;

Concluded that most people don't want to be involved with giving lingerie to others once they are over 30 unless the "other" is a spouse or if the lingerie is the white-elephant, leopard briefs that keep getting passed around each Christmas;

Cried when a woman I barely know that lives in the neighborhood next to me drownd while river-rafting, leaving behind a husband and 2 boys;

Felt joy and humility as I read the updates of Kendra--a girl my daughter has played soccer with for 4 years who broke her neck a month ago and has been in the ICU ever since;

Was amazed at the attitudes of Kendra and her family as they expressed gratitude for Kendra's ability to swallow, be able to take a partial bath, listen to music, and have her hair washed;

Felt badly that I didn't get a hold of my sister on her birthday;

Had great converesations with many good friends;

Abused my visiting teacher;

Worried that I'm not doing everything I need to be doing when it comes to serving, mothering, sprirituality, exercising, eating right, visiting teaching, being a good wife, a good friend, blah, blah, blah......

Am determined that I will do better next week;

Or at least try harder;


What did you do this week?
*Changed name to protect the innocent :)


  1. What a wonderful list of things. I need to do better in just acknowledging those kinds of things when I experience them.

  2. Is Visiting Teacher Abuse a felony or misdemeanor? Just wondering :). Loved the post.