Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do Not Disturb: Part of my Brain is Napping

I heard some happy news for me on the radio a few weeks ago.  The news went something like this: 

If you are finding your car keys in the refrigerator, don't worry.  You are not crazy; part of your brain may be taking a nap while the rest of you is awake.  

Mystery solved: My brain is a cat-napper.  (And I was getting worried--sheesh.) 

This explains why when I went to work out this week, I drove in the opposite dircection of the gym, and why I can't remember my children's names and why I once drove the gymnastics carpool and arrived at gymnastics with nobody in the car. 

I suspect this is also the reason I keep forgetting to shave my legs, switch the laundry, make dinner, and eat something besides junk.

My friend Camille says my mind is a steel-trap, that's because she is funny and thinks I am funny because I always forget to write things down.  But now I know I'm not forgetting, HELLO that part of my brain is just napping.  Shhhhh.  So don't be alarmed when I forget your name after 15 years or fail to get your kids where they're supposed to be on time.  Just be happy that some part of me is getting a nap.

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  1. I'm so glad you shared this! I was getting worried, too!