Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday I made a delivery for my richy brother and his lucrative business to Hill Air Force Base.  Security is tight there.  Had to park, get out of my truck, go into an office and take a number and wait. . .  Had to show my driver's license, registration and insurance.  Had to answer a bunch of questions about my criminal past. . .  Finally got cleared to enter base.

Here's what I found curious.  I had an entire truck filled with boxes.  Nobody asked me what was in the boxes.  Nobody asked me who I was delivering the boxes to.  Basically I could have had mega bombs in those many boxes.  So if I understand HAFB security process, although I could have blown the whole place to smitherines, at least they would have known it was me and that I had a valid driver's license and that I am an organ donor.   

BTW I had books.

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  1. Glad to hear you had books. That may have been the saving grace. =D I grew up on military bases. I can remember the rigmarole my first date had to go through to pick me up.