Monday, October 31, 2011


Okay, it is time for dinner and time to put on the costumes and I'm still trying to clear the breakfast dishes.  If that's not scary on Halloween, I don't know what is. 

But I thought I'd throw y'all a life line because that's the kind of person I am.  If you need a last, I mean very last minute costume idea, I've got your back.  Or you could consider this really, really early help for Halloween 2012. 

Just to make it fun, I'm not going to tell you what the costume is--use your imagination folks, dust off the cobwebs and make your guesses in the comments section.  :)

Have fun, and happy haunting.


2 (Yes, that is underwear around my waist
and the lovely Lila in my arms)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the Record

Just for the record, in case you are wondering after my last post, I'm not.  Definitely not.

Cause what could be scarier than this at my age?

That's all.


Blah.  Blahgging.  I mean blogging, which in case you haven't noticed I haven't done for a spell because folks, I've been busy. 

First our whole family spoke in church which requires a wee bit of perspiration preparation.  This phenomenon happens when you think things like, Quin and Bree are blessing their baby, the cute LILA in case you've forgotten, I hope the speakers are good and then your phone rings. . ." 

For the those of you who haven't been to an L.D.S. (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormon--and holy canoly if I didn't just find out that my whole life I thought I was a Christian but according to Pastor Robert Jeffress I'm not-- but that's another blog) sacrament meeting/church service we have a lay ministry which means sometimes people like me are asked to speak in church which usually gives people like you a good laugh especially when I don't wear matching shoes or when my daughter, yes Cool Beans, tells the whole congregation that I am pregnant and everybody looks horrified--- and then she says just kidding, my mom's too old to have a baby and everybody laughs hysterically because what could be funnier than the thought of a 46 year old woman with a bun in the oven?

But before I was roasted in church, I spent Saturday cleaning up the Pleasant Green Cemetery in Magna, UT with 150 youth because that's what us Mormon cult members do to raise cain on a Saturday morning in October if we're not making soap with our sister-wives.  Sheesh.

Then that evening, my second oldest daughter who has never had a boy-friend until this past summer, was proposed to by the very charming Landon Benson who treats her like she is the reason he breathes--sigh . . .  So now I am planning a wedding when I can't even plan dinner.  But at the end of the day we eat something, so the wedding will be good, right?  Or at least we won't be hungry.

This is the first time ANYBODY has seen Cassie kiss someone or something besides her pet bird.  It looks like she's knows what she's doing. . .

Next I went to see my cute grandkids in Phoenix, adorable Charlotte who thinks she is a Lion and Marcus who is the epitome of squishy goodness and gets goose bumps when I stroke his cheek.  I also shot some large, powerful assault (is there any other kind?) rifles at targets which I was 100% accurate at missing.  But I looked "bad" which my kids tell me is good.

I also got introduced to this thing called Pinterest which is like Google crack especially when you are planning a wedding, or making thinking about making dinner, or avoiding blogging.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cool Beans

Tonight I want to blog about my daughter "Cool Beans."  That's the name she uses to comment on my blog because she thinks she is so darn funny. 

After school a couple of days ago, she was stealing Tess' pizza.  Tess had a melt-down because this is what middle-schoolers do after they've spent a day in the middle school jungle of awkward puberty and low self-esteem.  Of course Morganne thinks there's nothing funnier than to watch all 90 lbs. of T fight for pizza.  Tess is yelling and then I chime in with the good old stand-by, "Stop teasing your sister or I'll cut your arms off." 

Morganne looks sullen for a moment then says, "Can't you guys just love me in spite of my, a what's it called, falsies?"

Bwahahahaha.  That girl is a crack-up.  This moment alone is worth the not so stellar score she got on the English section of the ACT.

However, this is the same girl who had her nice, fairly new cell phone stolen and did not make a production of it.  She laughed it off, went to the T-Mobile store and took care of the whole problem herself.  She's complained less about having her cell phone stolen than I complain about misplacing mine.


This is the same girl who in her basketball game tonight, tells the younger guard who has never played in a varsity game (Cool Beans has played varsity for 3 years), to bring the ball up the court and run a play.  The girl says, no, you do it, and throws the ball back to C.B.  C.B. calls time out with 50 seconds left in the game (we're up by 30 points), pumps the younger player full of confidence, who then runs the play and ends up scoring. 

Yes, I like that girl, in spite of her falsies.

And if they had a perspective section on the ACT she would nail it.
Cool Beans with her new niece, Lila

Friday, October 7, 2011

Something Worth Crying About

I wanted to post something really witty and clever that would make you laugh and make you think I was witty and clever but the truth is I just figured out how to work my dvd player this month and how is that witty and clever?

Mostly I am just singing Joseph songs in my head that sound really great in there and then I open my mouth and well, if Joseph could hear me I think he would be mostly glad to be sold into slavery and not have to listen to my singing. . . sigh. . .

I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on my birthday 6-ish weeks ago.  You probably missed my birthday post because I didn't write it because I was just not feeling celebratory this year because who's to say that avoiding death and gaining a few pounds are great accomplishments?  Anywho, my friend called on my birthday and offered me tickets to Joseph because she couldn't use them.   I snatched those puppies up because that happpens to be my very favorite musical mostly because it is less than 2 hours long and the only corny songs in it are supposed to be corny.

Imagine my great surprise when the opening number started and I felt this huge building and swelling inside  that pushed the moisture right out of me just like the water show at the Bellagio, only it wasn't pretty.  It was mostly blubbery.  I attributed this to old-age, p.m.s., and Joseph's amazingly cut abs. 

But alas, when we took the kids 3 weeks later to see the show because we thought it was so awesome, the same thing happened.  I was a wreck, an emotional wreck.  Now I like to have a good cry, but not so much in public. 

I have since analyzed my emotional state and I have a theory.  This is the part where I wax all religious so I'm warning you.  Anywho, when I wasn't laughing at Joseph's brothers singing silly songs about Joseph wrassling with a goat, or those Canaan days, I was moved by the power of the story.  God knew Joseph.  Even in his darkest hours, God had a plan.  Joseph couldn't see it; I doubt he could fully imagine it.  But the plan was there.  And since God is no respecter of persons, this gives me great hope that God has a plan for me and for my friend in a wheelchair and for the orphans in Mexico and the lepers in India. 

Redemption.  Another powerful theme in Joseph.  Believe you me I was feeling the love when Joseph forgave his brothers and they could escape that awful nightmare of guilt they must have lived the last several years.  I never sold a sibling into slavery, but I did pin my sister to the ground and paint her entire face with peanut butter while I was babysitting.  She deserved it--just like Joseph.  She never told.  I don't think I ever apologized.  Oh, I'm sure I've done much worse.  Forgiveness folks is happy news.  The best kind of news.  The kind of news that leaves you crying for joy in the middle of a crowded theater.