Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cool Beans

Tonight I want to blog about my daughter "Cool Beans."  That's the name she uses to comment on my blog because she thinks she is so darn funny. 

After school a couple of days ago, she was stealing Tess' pizza.  Tess had a melt-down because this is what middle-schoolers do after they've spent a day in the middle school jungle of awkward puberty and low self-esteem.  Of course Morganne thinks there's nothing funnier than to watch all 90 lbs. of T fight for pizza.  Tess is yelling and then I chime in with the good old stand-by, "Stop teasing your sister or I'll cut your arms off." 

Morganne looks sullen for a moment then says, "Can't you guys just love me in spite of my, a what's it called, falsies?"

Bwahahahaha.  That girl is a crack-up.  This moment alone is worth the not so stellar score she got on the English section of the ACT.

However, this is the same girl who had her nice, fairly new cell phone stolen and did not make a production of it.  She laughed it off, went to the T-Mobile store and took care of the whole problem herself.  She's complained less about having her cell phone stolen than I complain about misplacing mine.


This is the same girl who in her basketball game tonight, tells the younger guard who has never played in a varsity game (Cool Beans has played varsity for 3 years), to bring the ball up the court and run a play.  The girl says, no, you do it, and throws the ball back to C.B.  C.B. calls time out with 50 seconds left in the game (we're up by 30 points), pumps the younger player full of confidence, who then runs the play and ends up scoring. 

Yes, I like that girl, in spite of her falsies.

And if they had a perspective section on the ACT she would nail it.
Cool Beans with her new niece, Lila


  1. Wow, she sounds awesome. It's a pity being a good person doesn't reflect in the ACT's.

    You sound proud, and you should be :D

  2. We love Cool Beans a.k.a. Monkey and all of her falsies. She's a keeper! Auntie

  3. She is why I'm okay with Lindsay turning 12 and heading into Young Women's.