Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Powering Boxing and Stringing

A million years ago when I was a kid/teenager/okay maybe young adult, we went toilette papering.  My poor husband has never been because he is respectable and I'm not.  We always toilette papered the Hansens.  One night he chased us for an hour in his old jeep.  I hid in a ditch, a ditch with water in it.  It was intense.  So was Mr. Hansen.  Sorry Mr. Hansen.  It's not my fault you had such awesome trees.

However, toilette papering now has competitors, power boxing and stringing.  Powering boxing is when you cut the power to someone's house via their power box of course.  So annoying because you have to reset all your clocks and reheat your curling iron and finish up business in the dark if you are in the bathroom.  But, so funny if it happens to somebody else.

Stringing is when you take all your mom's yarn that she has collected for the past 5 years to knit totally awesome scarves for Christmas presents and string it around peoples yards--from tree to tree, around cars, door knobs, mailboxes, etc. like a big spider web of love.  Love right?  Because you are doing this because you love us right? Or at least because you think my teenage daughters are cute, right?

My daughter Morganne strung her friend Micah because he said she wouldn't because she didn't even know where he lives.  Only how smart is he because she found out. 

Morganne got a phone call that went something like this:  "Morganne, you strung my dad's house.  I'm at my mom's this weekend.  He's so mad; he couldn't even open the front door.  (I guess Micah's dad was NOT feeling the love) and now I have to go over and clean it up."

This was not a problem for Morganne because while Micah was at his dad's house cleaning up the love, she drove to his mom's house and did some stringing.

Phone call from Micah:  "Are you kidding me?"

Apparently Micah was feeling the love because he strung us, toilette papered us, and dumped a whole bag of flour on our lawn 3 different times in the same night.

We got power boxed again last night.  Micah has an alibi.  So who did it???  I have a feeling this summer is going to be a real "love-fest."


  1. I love the blog makeover. It really works!

    P.S. For once, I'm glad that we live so far away :)

  2. Thanks, but Provo isn't to far to come and string you. . .

  3. Like mother, like daughter, huh?

    We always thought TPing was a tribute. It meant we loved them.

    That's our story, and we're sticking to it.

  4. Ha Ha Ha. I did a good bit of TPing in my day--but don't tell my dad. He might still try to ground me for it.
    Micah's dad, on the other hand, probably provided the string and flour.