Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Can You Do in the Summer Time?

I thought some of you might be getting bored now that we are 3 weeks into summer, unless you live in Utah and it is still raining. . . and cold, or unless you are a mom with several children who you have been carting to places like Oakcrest, b-ball camps, Girl's Camp, EFY, work, etc.  But just in case you and your kids are bored and you've seen every episode of Psyche and Monk on Netflix, here are a few good ideas.

Planking.  It is the new rage:  I have asked my kids for an explanation. There is none.  It is what it is and if it entertains others, why not you and yours?

Yes, thank you Madi and Gavin for this swell idea.

If you get tired of planking, you can always try "fetaling," the new planking.

Can be done anywhere by almost anyone.  Even 20+ year olds.  Thanks Cassie and Maddy.

If you're worried about getting dumb over the summer, you could always do a bit of science.

1.  Lie down on your back.
2.  Put a piece of bread on your stomach.
3.  Put some matches in the bread.

4.  Light the matches.
5.  Put a glass tightly over the matches.
6.  Wait for the matches to stop burning.
7.  Now stand up.

Contratulations, you are cool and so is science.

I always get a kick out of photoshopping.

If you're the active type, you might enjoy wrestling, sumo-style.

You could alwys work on your Harry Potter costumes for the final movie coming out next month.

Then there's always the fill the hot tub/swimming pool/wading pool with something.  Popcorn, spaghetti, Jello, ice cream and toppings or you know, water.

Or a great idea from my friend Madi's blog.  Look for an F.P.O.D.  -- Favorite Person of the Day. 

Have Fun!!  What do you do in the summertime?


  1. our family has way to much time on our hands...:)

  2. I want to say something about all of this . . . .but I just don't know what to say! HaHa!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Campbell family is in my life!