Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Delicious You, Delicious Me

Was at a Young Woman Meeting and and all the girls that were graduating from high school were speaking.  One said that flour by itself is not so great.  But you mix it with sugar and eggs and oil and salt and CHOCOLATE and you get cookies which are scrumdillilicious and also fattening but that is not the point here.  The point is that any one ingredient is not so great by itself, except for chocolate which has it's flaws like melting on the seats of your car or sticking to your teeth and making you look like a dork.  But the point is, it takes a lot of ingredients to make a cookie.  And her point was that it took a lot of people to make her life great. 

Her final words of wisdom: Middle School Ends (although I still have nightmares about it sometimes) and


                      (Me and my mom as cookies because she helped make me delicious.)

It's also been said that no man is an island although my husband, who is pretty independent, says he could probably be a peninsula.

Thanks to the many people who help make me delicious, or at least palatable.  I hope I have made a few people delicious.  Who makes you delicious?

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