Monday, June 13, 2011

Sobering Thoughts and Tough Questions

Life is short.  Especially for some.  My mom died at 61, barely.  If I live to be as old as my mom, I've got 15 years left.  I've lived in my current house for 15 years, and I just got here.  I don't even think I've fully unpacked.  Fifteen years is a blink unless you are in prison or in pain.  Fifteen years ago was yesterday only I didn't have as many wrinkles and I was smarter or at least I thought I was.  Fifteen years into the future is tomorrow.  What have I done?  I've thought about writing books, I've thought about making scrapbooks for my kids, I've thought about getting organized I've thought about getting in shape, I've thought about what I want to be when I grow up, At this rate, what I be when I grow up will be dead.

I've thought about doing something meaningful with my life, leaving some kind of mark besides Hershey Kisses wrappers and a pile of clothes that need ironing. But what?  Which of these things will matter when I'm gone?

Well that was morbid and reeked of mid-life-crisis.  (Actually if I'm optomistic and realistic, more like 2/3-life-crisis.)  Anybody else feel like time is moving faster and faster? What's been your biggest accomplishment in the last 15 years?  If you knew you only had 15 years left (and you might--maybe less) what would you do?

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