Thursday, February 2, 2012


My husband is a list maker.  I am not.  Lists are pressure I tell you. They are proof that you are failing.  For example, what if I actually wrote on a list, write on my blog?  It would be staring at me every day making me feel really guilty when in reality I only feel a snidge guilty but I can usually smother a snidge of guilt with a bit of chocolate.  This is like that whole Pavlov's dog thing only the bell is guilt and the dogfood is chocolate and most of the drooling is ommitted; so how bad can a little guilt be?  Not that bad--at least until you have to buy new pants or undo the button on your pants and wear long shirts.  But I'll tell you what, sweats and pajama pants are oh so nice.  They actually make you feel comfy while your equator expands.

Butt, back to lists.  My husbands puts things on his lists and crosses them off at the end of the day.  Those few times that I made a list and didn't lose it, I usually ended up staring at it at the end of the day and feeling like a LOSER because I couldn't cross off anything because who knew that Pinterest could totally suck me in, or that I'd have to find a math assignment under the couch and run it to school, or that it takes a lot longer to get crayon off a wall than on a wall, or that a hot shower could feel so good and last so long????

At the end of the day when my husband is doing all his list crossing-off with that smug look of satisfaction on his face I sometimes make an end-of-the-day list.  IF I feel like it. 

It looks something like this:

Get up
Make sure the kids go to school
Kill an hour on the computer
Eat a brownie
Brush my teeth
Take a nap
Don't write
Talk on the phone
Pick up some pizza for dinner
Don't go to the gym
Make this list
Go to bed

I then cross everything off the list and go to bed.  My husband says this is cheating while I point out that I crossed EVERYTHING off my list and he still has a few items left.


  1. Love it Jill. Sometimes I make a list just to show my husband what I've done that day--in case he has doubts that I actually did anything productive. Usually at the end of the day it's hard to tell if ANYTHING has been done--the kids tend to undo it as soon as they get home.

    P.S. Sometimes the only thing on the list is Kept the kids alive today and that's a HUGE accomplishment!

  2. I am a list-maker and crosser-offer but I think your way sounds nicer. Sometimes it would be nice to be that successful (cross EVERYTHING off). Besides, who can anticipate the need to return 6 phone calls from school counselors, teachers, principals, etc? If I'd known, I would have put that time-killer on my list!

  3. So, pinterest? Is this where you've been? I'm trying to avoid being sucked into that, but pretty sure it's inevitable I will be.
    I am a list maker. Sorry. I like a good list. Especially when it's full of assignments for other people.
    I also like sweat pants and pjs. I spend much of my life in them. I love them almost as much as chocolate.

  4. Actually, I've been sucked a wee bit into Pinterest but only because I was planning a wedding. I so want to be a list maker. . . There are several issues here. . . Sometimes I don't even know what to put on the list. Most of the time I can't find my list and I get bugged when people put stuff on my list.

  5. I like to make lists of all the times I go skiing. It's sadly a short list this year. My boss says I need to make lists. I need a lesson from Ric.