Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Conference

I love Conference.  It's like a spiritual all you can eat buffet only you aren't gassy and bloated at the end unless of course you eat during all the sessions.  But hey, I only do this to stay awake because I'll be darned if those guys don't all look alike and dress alike and sound alike, except sometimes you get a speaker with a really cool accent.  Maybe if we had a pulpit pounder or two to wake me up I wouldn't have to eat. 

It might help if the Mo-Tab did a little bit-o clappin' and swayin' and busted out a tambourine or two. . . just sayin.  However, I found this (click on Come Thou Fount)  number absolutely beautiful.  It moved me to tears (always does) and even Cool Beans has been singing it all week.

My friend does fun things during conference to help her kids watch.  Basically I just yell a lot but try to do it in a nice voice.  My baby L, whose birth I'm still recouping from, drew pictures of the speakers to keep himself awake.  Here are a few:

Not quite sure why the right side of the picture didn't scan???  User error???

If I was one of those good moms, I would have immediately labeled the picture with the name of the speaker.  But I was too busy writing in my journal and being kind to the rest of my family.  Let's just say these are two of the older apostles, with sparse hair, that were wearing suits and ties.

I told him to draw a picture of Sister Beck when she spoke, but he said girls are hard.  So, he drew a picture of me instead.  He put me in a suit because after drawing for a whole session of conference, he pretty much had mastered the suit. 

Notice my heart necklace which I always wear.  And by all means, don't overlook the halo because it's not everyday you'll see me wearing one of those.  (BTW the halo was his idea, not mine.)

Yes, I love me some Conference.  And if you're wondering which talk I liked best. . . too hard to pick just one, but let's just say I was particularly moved during Elder Hollands.

Two of my favorite conference quotes:

(Pres. Uchtdorf)

"Don't judge me because I sin differently than you!"
(Pres. Uchtdorf quoting a bumper sticker)

I'll leave you with my baby's final Conference picture.  If you figure out which talk it is about, let me know :)


  1. Wow, what a great little artist you've got there. Great drawings and it sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.

  2. You have an artist on your hands! I loved the Stop It sign that Julie Harward posted from this conference! Sounds like a great speaker. blessings ~ tanna