Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Whistle

My mom was a whistling sort of woman.  She could emit a piercing sound that could round up stray dogs and stop misbehaving children in their tracks.  Yes sirree, her whistler was a real show stopper, an attention getter.  And when I was 13, that's what I thought I needed--attention--from one particularly tan, shaggy blond haired boy who worked across the street at the farm, usually with his shirt off.  Man could that boy drive a tractor.

I spent most of my summers drooling at him from my bedroom window, or from my horse when I galloped past him with my hair flying behind me, or from the bushes across from his house when I was stalking him. 

Yeah folks, I had the jump on stalking way before Facebook even thought about it.  That's why I needed an attention getter or maybe a life or perhaps a therapist.

So I spent half of the summer of 8th grade learning how to whistle.  I spent the other half of the summer whistling.  At the guy with the sexy tractor.  Or the sexy guy on the tractor.  It's all a blur now. 

In case you're wondering, I did not marry the shirtless boy on the tractor.  In order to marry someone you have to converse with them at least enough to say, I do which happens to be two words more than we ever shared. 

I don't whistle at farm boys on tractors any more mostly because I would get arrested, and I don't live by a farm or a tractor.

But I do break out the "whistler" to get the attention of a dog or two and hush a room full of 7th graders, so my 8th grade summer wasn't a total wash, right?


  1. Oh this is such a great story! I love it. I think I spent my 8th grade summer learning typing and shorthand. I'd rather have spent it whistling at a cute boy (with or without tractor).

  2. Love it! We live by tractors, and you know, never felt inclined to whistle, just mutter at them cause they drive so dang slow on the highway!

  3. Jill,
    Funny post! Whistling can come in handy!

    But, here is my do you teach someone to whistle? My daughter is 12 and desperately wants to learn. I can whistle, but haven't been able to teach her.

    Maybe she'll learn in 8th grade, like you. :0)