Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Ellen

My husband said to me, "Your D post was kind of a bust," (unlike my B post which really was a bust).  He might have also said something like, "Are you ever going to do laundry again?"  But that's more of an L post. 

Apparently he had never heard of Ellen's Dance Dare so my D post was a disaster for him.  I don't watch Ellen, mostly because I don't know how to work the t.v. even when I can find the remote. 

But hey, I've got teenage galz who must watch Ellen at school during their Citizenship in the Nation class or something because they -- T and her friends -- were all over Ellen's Dance Dare. 

So, if D didn't make sense, maybe after you read/watch E, it will.


To see more, you could try this yourself and then watch them, or you could go to Ellen's Dance Dare at You Tube.

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