Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Good in the Hood

I am bombarded with so many bad/sad stories that when I read this story in the Deseret News today I did a little happy dance--just in my head of course because to do a real one would have required putting down my Cadbury Eggs and standing up.  Hoo-ray for good people because they seriously rock my world. 

If I could accomplish any one thing in life, it would be to be truly good.  The kind of good where kind words and sentiments are spilling out of my mouth without thought.  The kind of good that jumps up to help someone without even thinking about it.  The kind of good that loves people even if they do drive me insane.  If I could, I would be so good that love would stream from every pore of my body like rays of sunshine or Silly String or something like that.

I'm blessed to have good neighbors and friends who have brought me dinners when I'm sick and when I'm not sick, who have helped me plan three weddings and a couple of funerals, who have looked after my kids as if they were their own.  These people have seen my worst, my most vulnerable self and still love me. 

Yes good people are worth their weight in gold--another good g-word.

Who are the good people that rock your world?

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