Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh the People I Might Meet

I don't know what I've googled or what email I've opened that has caused me to get these types of emails.  Daily.  Several times a day.

Meet single people in your area
Eligible black bachelors
Jewish singles in your area
Cougar dating

Maybe it's nothing I've done, but something one of my friends or children has done.  Haven't opened any.  Not that I mind black, Jewish, or young single white males.  It's just that I'm already happily dating my husband.

When I haven't been deleting dating emails this week, I actually did some writing, writing that doesn't include incomplete grocery lists and checks.  I actually finished the rough, rought draft of a middle-grade fiction novel that I started 3 years ago. . .  You see, my problem is that I think about writing, I plan on writing, I read about writing, and I read what other people write, but I actually have a hard time sitting down and writing.  And when I do sit down and write, I rewrite what I've already written, over and over and over and over. . .

So yesterday I was finally a finisher of a book I started 3 years ago, a bag of Peanut M&Ms, and a bowl of popcorn.  Just don't ask me what we've had for dinner any night this week.

What projects have you started/finished?


  1. Your book finishing project is MUCH more impressive than the fact I started and finished the big and mostly tedious task of cleaning my scrapbook "area" (I don't get a whole room for this). Congrats on the book!