Saturday, August 6, 2011

More He Said, She Said. . .

More he said she said Robyn-style.

Me coming home from a meeting:

Ric: You look so good in black.

Me: (smile)

Ric: I love the way you look in black.

Me: (more smiling)

Ric: It would almost be worth dying to see you come to my funeral dressed in black.

Me: (not smiling)

Ric: Maybe not.

Luke begging Ric and me for a sleepover:

Luke: Please can I have a sleepover?

Me: Not tonight, it’s family night.

Luke: We had family night yesterday.

Me: That wasn’t family night that was scripture study.

Luke: But we were all together and we said a prayer and we played a game yesterday.

Me: Great. We can spend time together two nights in a row.

Luke: Can I have a sleepover after family night.

Me: No

Luke: Dad, can I have a sleepover tonight.

Ric: I don’t get sleepovers. Luke, you’d be fine if you never had another sleepover again.

Luke: Yeah right dad. Then I’d have no social skills and I could never get married.

Luke talking to his friends at our kitchen counter:

Friend 1: Sometimes my Grandma doesn’t like it when we play at her house.

Friend 2: Yeah, sometimes grandmas are like that. I have to take off my shoes at my grandma’s house.

Friend 1: Me too.

Friend 2: Sometimes my grandma can be grouchy.

Luke: My grandmas are dead.

(long, awkward pause)

Riding in the car on our family trip with the 3 youngest

Ric: Morganne, thanks for coming, it really means a lot to us. I know you had to get two days off work just to hang out with us and your little brother and sister.

Morganne: No problem Dad. The drive alone has probably been the highlight of my life.

A couple of days later, still on the family vacation, riding in the car, the kids ask me to tell them each about their births. After we talk about Luke’s “natural” birth, which Morganne witnessed even though she was only 6, Morganne asks the following in all seriousness:

Morganne: So, did you eat the placenta?

Me: No! I did not eat the placenta.

Morganne: Did you bring it home?

Me: No! I did not bring it home. Morganne, why would you even think such a thing?

Morganne: I don’t know. I just heard that the placenta has lots of nutrients in it that you need after you go through childbirth.


  1. Ya, I have a doula friend who advocates eating the placenta. So that doesn't sound all that crazy to me. Oh, wait. Yes it does.

  2. Do you eat it raw or cook/season it up a bit? If I had to eat placenta after childbirth, I would not have children.

  3. Have you seen Baby Moma? They talk about that for 2 seconds lol
    Funny post Jill!