Friday, August 19, 2011

I Feel as Old as Old Man Pants

While I was driving I scratched my right arm with my left hand and felt a small budge in the bicep region.  But alas, when I scratched my left arm with my right hand, nothing.  I want this muscle to have friends.  If my rolls are getting friends, why can't my muscles have friends?

(Okay, nobody really answer that question because I KNOW the answer.  But. . . butt. . .)

Somebody asked me yesterday if I was older than my husband.  This is the same husband that I said to the other day while we were walking, "You cannot wear those sweat pants anymore.  They are old man pants."

Ric looked at me cluelessly.

"Old fart pants," I said.

Ric replied, "Yesterday while I was walking, I heard honking and turned around and there were 3 old men in a car waving at me.  They thought they knew me."

"That's what I'm talkin about," I said.

So, this is the man that I look older than. . . .

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