Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's Warrior

Okay, totally corny name for I post I know. . .  But I was just thinking that there are so many people that inspire me that once I week I want to spotlight one of them. 

Kendra is my daughter's age.  They have played on the same soccer team for about 4 or 5 years.  At the end of May, Kendra was in an accident that left her in a wheelchair.  Almost daily I have read reports about Kendra.  Initially she couldn't move at all and could only communicate by blinking.  In one post her mom said, "I used to feel sorry for kids in wheelchairs.  Now I just wish my daughter could be in one." 

Kendra has suffered greatly and accomplished much. Throughout the entire summer while her friends were off to girl's camp and boating and hanging out at the mall, she quietly, uncomplainingly endured.   After lots of hard work, sweat, tears and prayers, she is in her wheelchair and finding her way around.

It has been humbling as she and her family have expressed gratitude for simple things like being able to talk, eat, breath, communicate, bathe, and visit with family and friends.  They have felt blessed.  Knowing them and watching Kendra's progress has blessed my life and helped me see the big picture.    

So thank you Kendra for motivating, inspiring me in oh so many ways.  You are my hero.

September 17th a fundraiser is being held for Kendra.  For more information you can go here,!/event.php?eid=272485906101391.  Or to sign up or make donations, you can go here,


  1. What an amazing story. Thanks for posting! There are so many heroes among us, if only we look.

  2. That is wonderful for Kendra. Many hopes she continues to succeed at attaining all her goals!

  3. That's fantastic. Congratulations to both you and Kendra and her family for remaining positive and knowing what counts.

  4. I think I just got rid of my comment by trying to go back to another site, arrggg! As I said, congrats to both you as well as Kendra and her family for remaining positive and knowing what is important!