Friday, September 9, 2011

I am a Winner Winner

The last thing I won was a French dictionary playing bingo in my 7th grade French class.  The thrill of that victory has kept me going all these years, but alas, I must admit that it was wearing thin.  So, I was tres (that means very in French) excited to be presented with these two awards from Cortney.  Click on her name and you'll be wisked away to her cute blog.

If I knew how in the heck to get these bad-boys on my side-bar, I would.  But I'm sure some of you more experienced bloggers, or my 11 year-old can tell me.

As for my acceptance speech, I would like to thank my husband who serves as my right arm and my left brain and who would be mortified if he knew that I was blogging about him again.  I would also like to thank my daughter "cool beans" for leaving such insightful comments on my blog.  And I certainly have to thank my entire family, immediate and extended, my funny neighbor whose initials are Raelynn, and my many pets and Costco for giving me so many things to blog about. 

Aaahhh, merci beaucoup (Dang where's that dictionary? Does beaucoup have an e on the end???) 

Now it's my turn to pass it on. By accepting these, I agree to:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me. -check

2. Share 7 random facts about myself. -will do

3. Pass the award to 5 blogger friends -will do

4. Contact and congratulate the nominated blogs. -will do

7 Random Facts About Myself in addition to the 10ish random facts I previously shared.  (It's a good thing I am so random.)
1.  I am terrified of the ocean, but if I could be any animal I'd be a whale.
2.  I have 7 children and between them and me, we've had 18 broken arms.  (My husband does not break things.  He finds and fixes things.)  "Cool Beans" has had 7 of them.  (And yes, I still have custody of my children.)
3.  My favorite vacations have been working in an orphanage in Mexico and re-enacting pioneer treks.
4.  I had a lot of pets growing up.  My brothers and I counted how many animals (of all different sorts and  cow sizes--did I say cow?) are buried in the yard of the house we grew up in and we got well over 50.  Can you say pet cemetery?
5.  I have no sense of direction.  I could get lost in my own house.
6.  I am a Mormon.
7.  I was on the show Romper Room and was reprimanded by Miss Julie for cheating during the game Sometimes I'm Small. . .  It took a long time to get over that one.

Voila, here is who I am passing the awards to:
(drum roll)
And the winners are in no particular order:



  1. Oh my gosh, you were on Romper Room? I was on a kid's show once too, the Gene London show (ok, this goes way back). I was so scarred by that experience: Gene London was a real jerk, and I found out the pictures he drew on the show -- were already sketched out in advance! He was just inking in the pre-drawn lines! I never really trusted adults after that. *kidding! (sort of?)

  2. Way to go Jill! The award I would give your blog is the "shot in the arm" or "boost for the day" award!

  3. Hey Jill, I know you already have the Versatile Blogger award, but I wanted to let you know I listed you as one of my recipients of it on my blog. I don’t expect you to do the link backs or any of the other things associated with it. I just wanted to use the award as the perfect opportunity to say how much I’ve enjoyed your posts and maybe encourage some of my very few followers to drop by your blog if they haven’t already. :-)

    Here's the post about it:

  4. Hi, I just found your blog on the Ladies Who Critique message board, and thought perhaps I could maybe help you get those pictures on your sidebar. I'm not sure if you use wordpress though, and these instructions are for wordpress. But anyway, here it is: