Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Quiz answers before Thanksgiving

Answers to the Halloween Costume Quiz:
Flashlight.  The only kind of flashing I do.

Panty-waist, although my friend guessed chastity belt when I wore it to a par-tay. 
Party-pooper, what my husband has dressed up as every year, only he won't wear the hat unless I photoshop it on. . . along with the brown. . .
Hand-me-down.  Very exciting for someone with three older sisters.
Cactus.  Who knows?  Cactusing could be the new planking.
Ceiling fan.  This is what I wanted Luke to be for Halloween.  But alas, he chose to be a stick man instead.  At least he has the body for it.
Dead end.  Thank you Bree for letting me use your end because well, it's hard to take a picture of your own butt and well, mine has kind of gone south.
Split-end -- although technically Lila doesn't have to worry about split-ends until she gets hair.
Ice cream--do you get it?  There's her eyes (ice) and on her eyelid is the word scream.  It's okay.  My family didn't laugh either.

Your mom.  Okay this one did make my family laugh because we are ALWAYS telling your mom jokes: Like tonight when Luke said, "This dinner's hot," and I said, "Your mom's hot!"


  1. I'm totally flipping the "Your mom's hot" line on my kids next time one of them complains. Excellent!

  2. You're having too much fun with the captions. You made me laugh!

  3. Thanks for your answers. Matt and I had our own answers for some and yours are much better!